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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GOP base not fans of Romney power grab

New York Times:

Sarah Palin is not at the Republican National Convention, but she is nonetheless weighing in on the proceedings there, and perhaps helping to sow discontent.

In a Facebook message posted late Monday night, Ms. Palin objected to a proposed rule changes that would give the Republican nominee more control over choosing delegates to the 2016 convention. In the post, Ms. Palin called the proposal “a direct attack on grass-roots activists by the G.O.P. establishment, and it must be rejected,” and linked to an article by the conservative blogger Michelle Malkin.

The former vice-presidential nominee’s missive came just as Mitt Romney’s camp and activists were reaching a compromise on the issue.

The fight over delegate selection is one of several contentious issues that have emerged between grass-roots elements and party leaders, with Republican officials on the defensive over their handling of Ron Paul and his supporters and the treatment of Representative Todd Akin, the Missouri Senate candidate who has been spurned by the party over his “forcible rape” remarks.

Erick Erickson’s all up in arms over this as well. There’s talk of a floor fight, which means that the convention could melt down into chaos on what is its de facto first day.

Still, if these sort of naked power grabs bother these peopl, why are they members of an authoritarian party? Seems to me they really should’ve seen this sort of thing coming. After all, it’s not like they want a democracy or anything.

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