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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mittens screws up and says what he really thinks again

Business Insider:

[In an interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace,] Romney cited his health care law as an example of how he has protected health care for women.

“First of all, with regards to women’s health care, look, I’m the guy that was about to get health care for all of the women — and men — in my state,” Romney said. “They’re talking about it on the federal level, we actually did something. And we did it without cutting Medicare and raising taxes.”

“So you’re saying, ‘Look at Romneycare?’” Wallace interjected.

“Absolutely. I am very proud of what we did, and the fact that we helped women and men and children in our state. And we did it without cutting Medicare. … And then with regard to contraceptives, of course Republicans, myself in particular, recognize that women have a right to use contraceptives. There is absolutely no validity whatsoever to the Obama effort to try and bring that up.”

“Conservatives got rather upset the last time the Romney campaign brought up Romneycare to defend something,” the report goes on. “One even said it could have been the moment Romney lost the election. They generally don’t like the law in general, considering it to be an implementation of Obamacare on a state level.”

One of the games you can play with the Romney campaign is “Guess What Mittens Really Believes.” With all the constant reversals, it’s really very, very difficult to get a bead on what Romney actually believes. Romney says he’d repeal Obamacare and replace it with something. But if Romneycare is so wonderful and it’s exactly like Obamacare, then replace it with what? Are you just going to change the name?

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