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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Stories to Watrch: 11/7/12

Students in Japan celebrate Obama's reelection

John Boehner says he's willing to work with Pres. Obama to find a short term solution to avoiding the fiscal cliff, to buy time to negotiate something more lasting. We'll see how serious he is about the substance, but this is definitely bipartisan in tone.

Allen West is going to court to contest his lost reelection bid -- because if there are two things that true conservatives really love, they're wasting taxpayer dollars and frivolous lawsuits.

Sadly, Michele Bachmann survives a tight race, proving once again that you can't be too crazy for a certain section of Minnesota. Still, going from GOP presidential frontrunner to the fight for your political life is not the direction you want your career to head. Bachmann will go into the next cycle looking a lot more vulnerable against a much better-funded opponent.

Former Bushie Ari Fleischer says the GOP will never embrace gay rights or reproductive freedom. Fine with me. March your little nineteenth-century party off into the mists of history as fast as you want, buddy. The Whigs could use the company.

University of Mississippi students riot in response to the election results, "throwing rocks, using racial slurs, and burning Obama's campaign signs." That'll make those liberals turn right for sure!

I didn't think that rightwing nutjob Robert Stacy McCain could possibly get any crazier. I was wrong. He apparently has a talent for totally losing his shit. I feel a little sorry for most panicked wingnuts today, but this guy? Doesn't deserve it. He's a human turd. Point and laugh without guilt.

Herman Cain organizes a GOP circular firing squad, begins shooting.

I'm not sure if I've got this one right, but WingNutDaily founder and leading birther Joseph Farah seems to be saying that Barack Obama is God's punishment for a nation that elected Barack Obama. Wait, let me check again -- that seems too crazy and circular even for Birther Joe... Nope, that's his argument, all right.

Christian Science Monitor asks, "Has Nate Silver destroyed punditry?" The thought makes me so happy, I think I might have to change my pants.

Dave Weigel spots the amazingly consistent math behind Barack Obama's Wisconsin win.

Steve Benen on the GOP's current position with the electorate: "A tidbit of history: after President Obama's win last night, Republican presidential candidates have now lost the national popular vote in five of the last six elections. The last time the GOP saw a streak like this was the FDR/Truman era." Wow.

Finally, 20% of Senators in the next congress will be women. That's a record. Still, women make up more than half the population so... Yeah, there's still a lot of room for improvement.

[photo via Reuters]

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