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Monday, December 31, 2012

Stories to Watch: 12/31/12

The White House believes they're winning the fiscal cliff fight. But wait, aren't we going over the cliff when the ball drops in Times Square tonight? Well, yeah. But most of the consequences of going over can be dealt with relatively painlessly by retroactive fixes down the road. And most people don't realize this. The pressure's on the GOP right now and they're really going to start feeling it.

Also in fiscal cliff news: part of the reason that Republicans pitched America off the cliff is that Obama seemed a little too pleased with the way things were going. Seriously. They're that pissy.

The German news weekly Der Speigel briefly and mistakenly published an unfinished obit for George HW Bush on their website. In it, we were given this unvarnished truth, according to the AP: "the magazine's New York correspondent described Bush as 'a colorless politician' whose image only improved when it was compared to the later presidency of his son, George W. Bush."

Hillary Clinton's recent concussion has left a blood clot in her brain. While that sounds pretty terrifying, she's expected to make a full recovery. And, of course, another rightwing conspiracy theory bites the dust... Or not.

Sad news: Rep. John Lewis' wife Lillian has died.

Finally, if you're heading out for Amateur Night tonight, save some money for a cab. I want to see everyone back here next year.

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