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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

'We should not take a package put together by a bunch of octogenarians on New Year's Eve'

That's the opinion of  Rep. Steve  LaTourette (R-OH), of the fiscal cliff deal hammered out by Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell and Vice President Joe Biden. The offensive ageism and lack of respect speaks for itself, so we'll just put that aside. Instead, let's just deconstruct the rest of this huge pile of stupid.

You might remember that John Boehner washed his hands of any fiscal cliff negotiations, walking away from the table and demanding that the Senate come up with something and send it to the lower chamber. Keep in mind, Boehner doesn't do things on his own -- he's a figurehead and a puppet, he does what the Tea Party tells him to. This means that getting handed "a package put together by a bunch of octogenarians on New Year's Eve" was the plan all along. In fact, since LaTourette's one of the 'bagger nutjobs, this was his plan all along. Now he's complaining that exactly what his puppet demanded has happened.

Seriously, these people have no fucking idea what the hell it is they want and seem to be physically incapable of governing. All they can do is say no -- to everything.

And that includes saying no the very things they were previously demanding.

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