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Friday, April 12, 2013

GOP Celebrity Task Force plan falls apart due to lack of GOP celebrities

Politico: The Republican National Committee is meeting this week in the most touristy part of Tinseltown, but it’s apparent the “Celebrity Task Force” recommended by last month’s “autopsy” report isn’t going to happen.

The proposed task force was the most mocked of 219 suggestions from a five-member committee tasked with looking into why the party fared so poorly in 2012.

“The Party is seen as old and detached from pop culture,” the group said. “Establish an RNC Celebrity Task Force of personalities in the entertainment industry to host events for the RNC and allow donors to participate in entertainment events as a way to attract younger voters.”
The problem here is summed up in one paragraph:

Courtney King, identified as an “actress” on the schedule, appeared on a panel later in the afternoon about “winning the women’s vote.” But it’s not clear who she is or what she has appeared in.
This is all hilarious and, by all means, indulge in all the schadenfreude you want. But it’s more than just a “point and laugh” story. It also indicates a real lack of planning on Reince Priebus’ part. it seems like the Celebrity Task Force was an idea developed without doing any research at all, which really ought to make people question the rest of Reince’s big plan. Apparently, this whole rebranding effort is based on a bunch of ideas someone jotted down on a cocktail napkin during a brainstorming session at TGI Fridays.

They might’ve taken the time to check and see if any of these ideas were actually workable.

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