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Friday, April 12, 2013

See, now that’s your problem right there…

While the RNC was busy trying (and failing) to get together a Celebrity Task Force in Hollywood, something else was going on in Georgia. See if you can figure out which might be a bigger impediment to voter outreach.

Raw Story: Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) has refused through a spokesperson to endorse one town’s first-ever integrated high school prom, saying that he would rather not take sides on the issue. According to Atlanta’s WMAZ Channel 13, politicians from both parties have stated their support for black and white students from Wilcox, Georgia, but Deal declined to join them.

Raw Story spoke to activist Bryan Long of the progressive group Better Georgia, whose group has asked Georgia elected officials “to publicly support the students of Wilcox County who are fighting to end a ‘separate-but-equal’ high school prom.”

“We thought it would be nice if our elected officials would support these students,” said Long. “They’re taking a great stand in their community. We thought that officials all across the state should send a message to the nation that we’ve moved beyond the racial divisions of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s.”

He added, “We were surprised to read that the governor’s spokesperson said that he wouldn’t be ‘taking sides’ on this issue. I didn’t know that there were sides to take.”
Of course there are sides to take. There’s the racist side and there’s the non-racist side. It should be a no-brainer — you take the non-racist side. But Deal refuses to do that; whether because he’s a racist himself, because he’s afraid of alienating racist voters, or both is pretty much irrelevant. When the party can’t be counted on to stand up to honest-to-goodness racism — and segregation is blatant racism — then you’re going to have yourself a little trouble convincing minority voters they should vote for you.

If Deal’s not a racist, then he’s a coward. Worse, by saying he’s not going to take sides, he takes sides with the racists by default, since this is conceding — without actually saying it outright — that the segregationists have a valid argument. Racism isn’t something you can “stay out of.” By fleeing from the argument in cowardice, Nathan Deal has chosen his side and that choice does not redound to his glory.

RNC head Reince Priebus should personally fly down to Georgia and kick Deal in the ass — if not as a Republican, then as a Wisconsinite. We don’t have a history of putting up with this shit. At the very least, he ought to realize that the problems the GOP faces aren’t caused by a lack of celebrity endorsements, but by cowardly morons like Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal.

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