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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

‘Nuclear option’ avoided in favor of continuation of obstructionist status quo

Nuclear blast
OK, so here’s the big appointment/filibuster deal. Republicans break the filibusters on nominees, who get an up or down vote to the cabinet posts. Two recess-nominated appointees would be replaced with new nominees who will be confirmed. In the end, seven nominations by the president are a sure bet for confirmation.

That might seem like a pretty good deal, but consider: the President and Democrats get seven filibuster-free nomination votes — after which Republicans get to keep filibustering everything pretty much forever. The filibuster will not be reformed and government remains broken and unresponsive during a period of weak economic recovery. Democracy merely makes a visit to the US Senate, after which she’s thrown out on her ass again. Then it’s back to minority-rule business as usual.

This is a lousy deal and any Democrat who tells you they’re happy with it is either lying or a dope.

Maybe it is the best that could be done. If so, the best falls far, far short of enough.

[photo via Wikimedia Commons]

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