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Friday, July 19, 2013

Stories to Watch: 7/19/13

The son of the founder of the white supremacist website Stormfront renounces racism. A leader in the movement, as well as a high-profile activist, Derek Black's change of heart has sent shockwaves throught the far-right fringe -- something you really wish would happen to more mainstream Republicans. Check out what Black wrote to the Southern Poverty Law Center:
In an E-mail (pdf) to the editor of this blog earlier this week, Black, 24, wrote that he had come to see the arguments of white nationalism as “principally flawed,” adding that he had realized that American society is marked by an “overwhelming disparity between white power and that of everyone else” and that white nationalism was really about “an entrenched desire to preserve white power at the expense of others.”
“Advocating for white nationalism means that we are opposed to minority attempts to elevate themselves to a position equal to our own,” wrote Black, who recently finished his third year at the elite New College of Florida. “It is an advocacy that I cannot support, having grown past my bubble, talked to the people I affected, read more widely, and realized the necessary impact my actions had on people I never wanted to harm.”
Think about that a second; a racist movement leader, brought up by the top white supremacist in America, now better understands white privilege and race than the editor of the National Review -- let alone any random Tea Partier.
Speaking of racist 'baggers: after Pres. Obama's apparently impromptu remarks about the Zimmerman verdict, Trayvon Martin, and race in America, rightwingers completely lose it. Unfortunately for them, reality has a liberal bias.

Prepare yourself for a seriously coldhearted move: while Colorado gun control advocates mark the anniversary of the theater massacre in Aurora, CO, gun nuts launch a counter-demonstration -- in Aurora. Let me run that by you again: a bunch of crazy-assed gunhumpers decided the anniversary of the day James Holmes killed 12 and wounded 58 with assault rifles and piles of ammo was the perfect day to celebrate the wholesome wonders of unlimited firearms ownership. Amazingly heartless. This is approaching Westboro Baptist-type stuff. "They are re-traumatizing the victims as they try to remember their loved ones," said state Representative Rhonda Fields.

Also in completely insane gun nut news: the head of the lobbying group Gun Owners of America blames gun control in America for the Benghazi nontroversy.

Heat waves are sending people to the ER -- I guess because global warming is a hoax.

A Michigan judge blocks Detroit's filing for bankruptcy.

Somali pirates on Facebook.

Finally, Florida Governor Rick Scott surprises absolutely no one by refusing to make any changes at all to that state's "Stand Your Ground" law. Blast away, Yosemite Sam!

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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