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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

No, Obama isn’t ‘caving’ on the debt limit

Pres. Obama
Politico is reporting “cracks” opening in the White House position on the debt limit, but this is more a case of Politico being a sensationalist rag that “drives the conversation" in Washington than anything. Politico is OK for facts, but it’s fishwrap when it comes to insight. When it comes to political analysis, Politico’s main goal is to get people talking about Politico — this sort of self-serving crap journalism is how they brag themselves up to advertisers. They don’t even try to hide it. Don’t fall for it.

What the White House is saying they’re open to is a short term increase in the debt limit — with no strings attached. Obama and Democrats would give up nothing in exchange for allowing Republicans a bit more time to step back from the ledge. It’s not a cave, it’s a carrot and a stick. If there’s one thing Boehner prays for before he goes to bed every nght, it’s some way out. If he needs more time to find it and it’s no skin off the President’s nose, then why not give it to him?

The worst that could happen here is that Republicans come out of this period as determined as ever to take the nation’s economic well-being hostage and we’re right back where we were. No gain, no loss. But this period would also be a period of time where polling data had a chance to really sink in and for the GOP to see beyond their own districts. To stare into the abyss of their own electoral demise as a party and face the very real possibility of one party rule for at least the next four years. If dems win the House this time around, they’ll hold it easily if a Democrat wins the White House — and a Democrat is going to win the White House.

It’s not a “give them enough rope” strategy, because there isn’t enough slack to hand them more rope. This is an issue of grave importance without a lot of wiggle room. It’s more like tying a noose around their necks and making them live with it for a while. Maybe if they see that noose every time they look in the mirror, they’ll finally realize that they aren’t as immune to consequence as they might like to think.

This move is designed to shake Republican resolve. Don’t let Politico’s shit reporting shake yours.

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