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Monday, October 21, 2013

Stories to Watch: 10/21/13

The coming GOP disaster: 2014 Tea Party candidates are all calling themselves the "next Ted Cruz," because they think he's a freakin' hero. Outside of the Land of the Lunatics, however, Cruz is the frontrunner for "Most Hated Man in America" (case in point). How's that rebranding going guys?

If you're new to these headlines posts, this is how they work: just hover your cursor over the links to preview the posts' and news stories' headlines. Welcome aboard.

It's a given that conservatives suck at math. But when the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer tries his hand at crazy made-up math using crazy made-up numbers, he can't even get that to work.

Fox News paid people to use fake accounts (known as "sock puppets) to "post pro-Fox rants" in the comment sections of blog posts that were "negative and even neutral" about the network. Anything other than glowing praise? That there's an attack by the Fox News zombie troll army. Journalism in Fox's America, ladies and gentleman -- bullshit followed by bullshit.

Ezra Klein on the bugginess of "The launch of the Affordable Care Act's federally run, online insurance portals has been a bit of a disaster. But it's not a disaster that actually does much for the GOP's case against Obamacare. The fact that the site buckled under overwhelming demand shows some flaws in the digital architecture, sure, but it also shows that there was overwhelming demand."

Klein goes on to explain that the problem for Republicans here that if the exchanges fail, singlepayer is plan B by default. Republicans don't have an alternative. They used to, but it involved healthcare exchanges and an individual mandate and is basically what you call your Obamacare. If it fails, the GOP has nothing -- and the traffic-driven problems with prove that nothing isn't going to sell very well.

Pres. Obama says he's not pleased with the way the website is working so far -- and he shouldn't be. He's calling for a "tech surge" to get everything all squared away and running smoothly, which is something he needed to as soon as it was apparent that the site was craptastic.

"Men's rights advocate" is a synonym for "whiny asshole."

The League of Conservation voters is targeting dimwit Republican climate deniers with an ad campaign. Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, we're talking to you. Polling shows it could really leave a mark.

Finally, Happy Wedding Day, New Jersey.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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