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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stories to Watch: 10/22/13

The only person more insane than Ted Cruz may be his father. Rafael Cruz thinks his son is "anointed" to bring about an End Times "transfer of wealth" from the wicked (i.e., you) to the Righteous Christians (i.e., rich people). For far right Christians, the Bible is just a license to steal -- ask Pat Robertson.

Related: a study finds that religious people are more likely to lie for financial gain. Don't worry, I'm an atheist. You can trust me.

A new gaping hole in our practically nonexistent system of background checks for gun purchases -- Instagram.

For the first time ever, Gallup shows a majority supports marijuana legalization. We're not talking a slight minority here either. We're talking 58%.

In his campaign for Virginia Governor, Ken Cuccinelli brags that he has the support of Gun Owners of America -- an extremist group known for racist/homophobic/Islamophobic hate speech, ties to white supremacists, and crackpot conspiracy theories. This news comes as polling is released showing The Cooch's campaign circling the drain at 33%. He's pretty much done for.

Another day, another poll showing that everyone hates Republicans -- Tea Party Republicans especially. "Crucially, large majorities think the shutdown damaged the country," says Greg Sargent. "Eighty six percent say it has damaged the U.S.’s image in the world, and 80 percent say it damaged the U.S. economy.  Those who predicted a shutdown/default crisis would underscore perceptions of the GOP as ideologically incapable of constructive governing have fresh evidence for that view."

In a private meeting with Pres. Obama, Harry Reid referred to teabagging Republicans as "crazy people." Seems accurate.

Finally, one of the more enjoyable aspects of the Republican Civil War is watching the GOP get a taste of their own medicine. For once, insane conservative conspiracy theories and over-the-top smears are aimed at other conservatives.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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