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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rep. Steve Stockman demonstrates why govt. regulations are necessary

"My Lord, a few days ago we reported how Tea Partier and Texas Crazy Congressman Steve Stockman had the city Fire Marshal condemn his campaign headquarters as an unsafe workplace last month. This came out just after Stockman announced he was challenging John Cornyn for Senate - and I guess gives some insight into why Stockman is so against government regulations. But I didn’t realize it was this bad. We just got hold of the photos of the condemned property. And they’ve got to be seen to be believed."
--Josh Marshall, “WTF is All I got.”
Photos are here and, yeah, it looks like a freakin’ crack house. There are homeless squatters who have better digs.

Keep these photos in mind the next time some ‘bagger talks about ‘onerous regulations.’ Big gummint came along and shut Stockman’s HQ down — not because regulations on workplace safety are so insanely strict, but because Stockman couldn’t tell that asking people to work in this rathole was not OK.

"Burdensome" workplace safety and health regulations don’t exist despite people like Steve Stockman. They exist because of them.

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