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Monday, December 16, 2013

Stories to Watch: 12/16/13

Fox News commemorates the anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre by hosting the most extreme gun lobbyist they could find. Wait, did I just write "commemorates"? I meant "pisses all over."

A federal judge rules against a NSA program, finding a program that collects information from almost every phone made to or from the US unconstitutional.

Speaking of the NSA, CBS' 60 Minutes ran a piece Sunday that could've passed for an infomercial for the agency. Add this to Lara Logan's BENGHAZI!! hoax and it's starting to look like the once venerated news program has degenerated into a vehicle for trash.

Bank of America demonstrates just how badly big banks need to be reined in. It's getting hard to see BofA as anything other than a criminal enterprise -- and it's not at all atypical of big banks.

House Republicans issue a report on Obamacare Navigators that only the most gullible talk radio fan would ever believe. Desperate and sad.

A Florida Tea Party group is both racist and dumb. Shocking, I know.

On an ABC News panel, Robert Reich does not let Newt Gingrich get away with spouting economic gibberish. I never know what to make of these stories; is Gingrich so ignorant he believes this stuff or so dishonest he hopes you will? Either way, it makes the often clownish former speaker look bad.

Is Pope Francis' more realistic take on economics having an effect on the church? Sure looks that way.

RIP country legend Ray Price.

Finally, a Tea Party group returns fire on Boehner in the GOP Civil War.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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