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Friday, February 14, 2014

Second Amendment Hero and open carry advocate arrested for threatening with a gun

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Wausua Daily Herald: A Schofield man who wrote a guest column for Daily Herald Media after he was asked to leave a grocery store for openly carrying a pistol in his holster could temporarily lose his concealed carry permit after an arrest on gun-related charges.

Dereck Simonsmeier, 24, is now in Marathon County Jail, one of four people arrested in the 600 block of Turner Street in Wausau after a man was threatened at gunpoint Wednesday. Simonsmeier is being held in the Marathon County Jail pending an initial appearance Friday in Marathon County Circuit Court.
He had previously been kicked out of a Wausau, Wisconsin grocery store for wearing a holstered weapon and making other customers nervous. So of course, he had to write an op-ed for the Daily Herald loudly and stridently proclaiming his victimhood.

More and more, this is becoming the norm for “responsible gun owners.” As the number of gun owners decline, their numbers are being distilled down to the most ardent — and in many cases, unstable — gun kooks. Increasingly, the difference between a responsible gun owner and an irresponsible gun owner is that the responsible gun owner hasn’t gotten around to being irresponsible yet — or hasn’t gotten caught.

Turns out that the wild-eyed fanatic who demands the right to carry a gun with him everywhere he goes is probably just as unstable as he seems to be. What a surprise.

But don’t worry Second Amendment Heroes, our gun laws are so absurdly soft on crime that Simonsmeier will likely only lose his concealed carry privileges temporarily. Then he’ll be right back to menacing the produce aisle of the local Pick N’ Save with a loaded weapon, like the “responsible gun owner” he is.

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