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Friday, March 21, 2014

Obama offers radical argument that Abe Lincoln was human

Five dollar bill
CNN: President Barack Obama defended himself Thursday against critics who argued that his recent appearance on a Web-based comedy show [Zach Galifianakis’s scripted interview show “Between Two Ferns”] undermined the dignity of his office and would never have been done by one of his most famous predecessors – Abraham Lincoln.

Obama said in an interview with ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd that Lincoln “loved telling the occasional bawdy joke and, you know, being out among regular folks.”

"One of the hardest things about being President is being in this bubble that is artificial and, unless you make a conscious effort, you start sounding like some Washington stiff," Obama said.

"You have to consciously try to get out of that if you want remind yourself of the wonderful people you’re supposed to be serving who have a sense of humor and aren’t thinking every day about position papers."
The short version here is just because you’ve got a stick up your butt, it doesn’t mean everyone you’ve ever admired had a stick up their butt too. As Mozart’s character is the movie Amadeus” put it: “Come on now, be honest! Which one of you wouldn’t rather listen to his hairdresser than Hercules? Or Horatius, or Orpheus… people so lofty they sound as if they shit marble!” The first step in connecting with voters on a personal level is to be an actual person.

Republicans need to get over themselves. Or do we have to remind them of the solemn dignity of this guy?

[photo via Wikimedia Commons]

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