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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Stories to Watch: 3/20/14

News from the Republican War on Women: top McConnell fundraiser and talk radio blowhard Dennis Prager says that wives have a duty to have sex with their husbands on demand, whether they want to or not. Mitch's inevitable silence on this matter will speak volumes.

The consistently hackish Tucker Carlson really hires class acts to work on his Daily Caller website. This is proved when Carlson is forced to apologize for gratuitous twitter smears from one of his minions. Good news for other hacks, though; apparently there's nothing you can do or say that's so deliberately offensive that it gets you fired from Tucker's blog. If there are barrels under the bottomfeeders, Carlson and company are in the bottoms of those barrels.

Obamacare is actually four years old now and it's still failing to destroy America. These commie plots must really take a long time.

Related: PolitiFact calls Los Koch Bros. claims about Obamacare false. Seriously, you can save a lot of time by assuming that anything from Americans For Prosperity is horseshit. You'll never be wrong.

How sports journalists approach black players vs. white players: black players are just good, while white players work hard and have an inspiring backstory -- even when they don't.

A gay Arkansas high school student has been bullied by his classmates -- and a teacher.

Finally, a news anchor makes a false claim about White House press secretary Jay Carney and then retracts it. This is how rightwing "scandals" work -- they all freak out over the bullshit, then fail to report when it all falls apart. If the rightwing blogosphere were forced to operate within reality, all of their outrage and scandal narratives would have the lifespans of fruitflies.

[cartoon via McClatchy Newspapers]

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