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Friday, March 14, 2014

Stories to Watch: 3/14/14

Kind of short one tonight, because I've been busy and the political news is kind of a trickle. As always, hover your cursor over the links to preview the headlines.

Eugene Robinson writes that the US intelligence community has gotten "dangerously out of control." Now Senators who've provided what they laughingly called "oversight" (AKA Diane Fienstein) are learning that that oversight is actually kind of important. Maybe they'll do something other than rubberstamp the spies' wishlists from now on. Maybe.

Josh Marshall argues that the Tea Party habit of comparing everything to Nazis and the Holocaust isn't just wrong factually and historically, but morally. The Tea Party Godwin-baiting is "a mix of dishonesty and myopia bordering on genuine evil," he writes, "simultaneously dishonoring millions of dead and persecuted (not only Jews but gays, gypsies, slavs) while also pumping up the powerful with fantasies of oppression and threat that can lead them to do genuinely awful things" I'm not inclined to disagree, I have the same thoughts when hearing "abortion = the Holocaust!" hysteria. It gets people shooting doctors and firebombing clinics -- i.e., it incites hatred and terrorism.

The Senate has reached a deal that will extend unemployment benefits, but once it makes it through the Senate, it goes on to the House -- which is controlled by maniacs who'd rather watch America burn and blame Democrats for the blaze than lift a finger to help their fellow citizens. So you know how that'll probably turn out.

"Men's rights activists" are dumb people who aren't good at things.

If you missed Jon Stewart's takedown of Fox News for their poor-bashing, here's another look at it. Good people do not spend this much time curb-stomping people in poverty. The people at Fox are not good people.

A Texas TV station warns in a weather report of a coming haboob -- the actual word for a dust storm. So idiot rightwingers freak out, because using an Arabic word is a sure sign of the IMMINENT SHARIA DICTATORSHIP!!! GAAAAH!! HELP!!!! RUN!!! I seriously can't imagine what it must be like to be so endlessly stupid.

Finally, Chuck Schumer signals that the Whitehouse is going to ease up on deportations -- and the GOP can either get on board with it or get the hell out of the way.

[cartoon via McClatchy Newspapers]

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