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Monday, March 17, 2014

Second Amendment Hero dressed like Rambo attacks FL bar patrons with assault weapon

Illustration of Sylvester Stallone as Rambo
Raw Story: Patrons at a Florida bar said they were forced to apprehend a man after he attacked them with an assault-style rifle and hunting knives.

First Coast News reported that patrons told the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office that 37-year-old Daniel Allen Noble entered Europa Lounge dressed as the main character from the “Rambo” movies while carrying an Uzi-type gun on Saturday night.

Two men, 28-year-old Vassili Mironov and 23-year-old Roman Dubinsechi, reportedly confronted Noble, and two shots were fired during a struggle.

Mironov and Dubinsechi “were able to grab the barrel of the rifle and point it downward, but not before one or two shots were fired into the ground without hitting anyone,” FCSO Cmdr. Bob Weber explained in a statement. “The two men wrestled with Noble, who was then taken to the ground by patrons and rendered unconscious.”

Noble was able to grab a one of his hunting knives and slash Mironov’s face before being rendered unconscious. Dubinsechi suffered cuts to his arm.
A couple of gun nut myths are debunked here: first, it turns out that a good guy with a gun is not the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun. Turns out a couple of unarmed guys at the bar can do the same thing. Second, we learn that a gun isn’t going to be too awfully great at protecting you from government tyranny. John Rambo here couldn’t even get his gun to protect him from a couple of buzzed Russians. Imagine the epic levels of failure he could achieve against well-trained military personnel or a few Blackhawk helicopters. Or one drone.

All the gun in this story did was turn a violent nutjob into a more dangerous violent nutjob. If he had run up against someone less skilled at barfighting, this would be another event involving a presidential statement about “our nation’s tragedy.” People don’t need these sick and idiotic assault weapons. And it seem like the only people who are attracted to them aren’t exactly the most emotionally stable people in the world. America would be no worse off — and one helluva lot better off — without them.

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