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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Stories to Watch: 3/18/14

Pretty dead out there for US politics news, so this one might be short. As always, hover your cursor over the links to preview the headlines.

Looks like not everyone is afraid to stand up to the NRA.

Ed Kilgore pokes a hole in Republican fearmongering over the Russia/Crimea story; "If Russia’s annexation of Crimea is a world-historical disaster exposing the West to unparalleled danger from a revived Russian Empire laughing at Obama as a weakling, why is the stock market up today? Just wondering." Rightwing blowhards act like Russia just swallowed up Oklahoma, when a week ago none of them could've found Crimea on a map -- in fact, I'm willing to bet that most Republicans still can't find Crimea on a map. The idea that Ukraine has anything to do with the US is ridiculous and breathless hysteria from wingnuts shows just how few criticisms of substance the right actually has of US foreign policy. It's like the pink sweater "controversy" -- this is the sort of bullshit you pretend to freak out over when you're scraping the bottom of the outrage barrel.

Speaking of breathless hysteria and Crimea: Mitt Romney decides to chime in. He's about as helpful, thoughtful, and insightful as any random Fox News talking head -- Hannity included.

Pres. Obama tells Latinos that signing up for Obamacare doesn't mean your relatives will be deported. I wasn't aware that this was a concern, but if it is, it should've been made clear from day one.

How dead is it out there for political news? Well, the New York Times has a write up of a pastry chef who's leaving the White House -- and it became a top story on one of the more popular political aggregators today. So yeah, it's that dead.

Finally, Georgia GOP Rep. Paul Broun -- now running for the Senate -- blew $33K of taxpayer's money on a "rhetoric coach." That's what you call your "fiscal conservatism."

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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