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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Stories to Watch: 3/4/14

In a case of needless provocation, Russia test launches an ICBM with a dummy warhead over the Ukraine. We all know you have a big nuclear penis, Vlad. No need to be an asshole about it.

Meanwhile, the US pledges $1 billion in aid to Ukraine. "Countries near Russia have deep concerns and suspicions about this kind of meddling," Pres. Obama said, adding that Russian actions could "push many countries further away from Russia."

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear is determined to blow taxpayer money on a doomed bid to defend marriage inequality in his state.

The Supreme Court expanded whistleblower protections to subcontractors today. The broadens these protections immensely, which makes the lack of media buzz over the ruling a bit perplexing. Yeah, there's the Ukraine, but there has to be some room in between sports scores and ads for Korea Airlines to mention a big, giant, changes-everything SCOTUS ruling.

Gun lobbyist Larry Pratt says he's glad that politicians have a "healthy fear" of being assassinated. How pro-murder do these idots have to be before everyone realizes the blood lobby is just a trade union for criminals? I am so tired of these goons who use the Second Amendment as a standing terrorist threat.

Five question about the President's budget proposal, answered.

The first network TV ad for medical marijuana.

Lindsey Graham's attempt to tie Benghazi to the Ukraine crisis embarrasses the right -- even if it's not exactly clear what part of the statement they find embarrassing. I'm not sure they even know. They're probably just reacting to lefty ridicule.

Finally, don't dream of buried treasure. People who bury millions in gold coins probably didn't come by them honestly -- so if you find them, you're probably just going to have to give them back.

[cartoon via McClatchy Newspapers]

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