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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Top WI GOP lawmaker under fire for alleged sexual harassment

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Assembly Majority Leader Bill Kramer may resign from his leadership post as soon as Saturday after being accused of sexually harassing at least two women while in Washington, D.C., for a GOP fundraiser.

Sources said the allegations against the 49-year-old Republican lawmaker involve a 33-year-old female lobbyist and at least one other woman. The Journal Sentinel has decided not to name the women.

Kramer, 49, could not be reached for comment and was not at his Waukesha home Friday night. His chief of staff, Cameron Sholty, said the lawmaker would be meeting with staff Saturday and would be talking with fellow Republican lawmakers over the next 48 hours. He declined to comment further.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos issued a statement calling the alleged conduct “reprehensible.” He said the issue would be resolved quickly.

"Recently I was made aware of serious allegations regarding inappropriate behavior by Rep. Kramer. Since I learned of those allegations I have been consulting with legal counsel and other legislators to understand what options are available.

"The alleged behavior is reprehensible and won’t be tolerated."
According to the report, “Kramer is accused of groping at least one of the women and making lewd and inappropriate remarks to at least two women.” War on Women? Well, Kramer’s engaged in hand-to-hand combat, so…

Along with the recent release of emails from the first John Doe probe, it’s becoming awfully clear that Republicans in Wisconsin are one scuzzy bunch of racists and sexists. Hell, it’s even hard to argue that they’re not just anti-human.

If state Democrats don’t make 2014 at least partially about character and morals, it’ll be political malpractice. So many of these people have none.

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