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Sunday, March 02, 2014

WI GOP lawmakers will vote to remove Assembly majority leader in sex harassment scandal

Reuters: Wisconsin Republican lawmakers will attempt to remove Assembly Majority Leader Bill Kramer from his leadership post after two women accused him of sexual harassment last week, according to local media on Sunday.

The Republican caucus in the Assembly will vote on Tuesday on whether to oust Kramer, according to a statement released by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to

“It is clear he has lost our trust and confidence,” Vos said in the statement.
Calling this “sexual harassment” is probably underselling this, since Kramer is accused of groping at least one of the women during a lobbyist’s fundraiser in DC. If that’s not some degree of assault, then it certainly should be.

Since the accusations broke, Kramer has reportedly gone into “treatment" for some sort of disorder. History shows (i.e., Anthony Weiner, Bob Filner) that this sort of attempt to turn popularity-deflating scandal into a sympathy-gaining disability doesn’t actually work so well. That these guys keep reaching for that particular escape hatch suggests a lack of imagination, options, or both. In any case, Kramer’s days as Assembly Majority Leader are pretty certainly numbered.

And the fact that Republicans are moving so quickly on this shows that they really want to get this out of the headlines as quickly as possible. One Wisconsin Republican scandal at a time seems to be about all they’re capable of handling. The party may not be all that comfortable about 2014.

[photo by bloomsberries]

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