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Friday, April 11, 2014

Stories to Watch: 4/11/14

Pres. Obama calls out Republicans for their efforts to steal elections by suppressing the vote. No Republican will ever convince me they love freedom while they back voter suppression laws. It would be a lie.

The story about a Wisconsin Republican caught on video discussing illegal campaign tactics has moved quickly since it broke yesterday. State Senate president Mike Ellis's campaign has already ejected a staffer in an attempt to get the story under control. When that didn't work, Ellis announced he would not seek reelection. I'm guessing that's not going to work either.

Joan Walsh on how Stephen Colbert's move to CBS puts "Papa Bear" Bill O'Reilly in his place.

This could turn out to be a new front in the GOP Civil War; religious conservatives warn the Republican Party not to hold it's 2016 convention in Las Vegas because it's Sin City and all. You have to wonder how that makes billionaire casino magnate and top GOP donor Sheldon Adelson feel. The religious right may be biting the hand that feeds.

A free clinic for poor and uninsured residents in Arkansas is closing its doors because -- post-Obamacare -- it no longer has any customers. This is what Republicans want you to believe is a "train wreck."

Yet more evidence linking fracking to earthquakes.

Finally, neocon pundit Charles Krauthammer declares the BENGHAZI!!!! nontroversy over -- and the right loses it in response.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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