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Monday, April 14, 2014

Stories to Watch: 4/14/14

From Michael Tomasky at the Daily Beast, where the headlines says it all: "The GOP Just Screwed Ukraine Out of Billions to Hurt Obama." Republicans can stop pretending they're foreign policy geniuses now. They can also stop pretending that they give a damn about Ukraine. Like BENGHAZI!!, Republicans only care about Ukraine to the extent that they can use it to bludgeon the president. This would make Putin their ally, while they insist he's America's foe. If politicizing the conflict means actually making the situation worse, then they'll go ahead and sabotage it -- despite the fact that such an action could come with a death toll. Republicans are not good people.

Mike Huckabee says that sometimes he thinks people in North Korea are freer than Americans. This is the most hyperbolic thing anyone on Earth will ever hear in any one's entire life, by a factor of about a jillion. it says a lot about the GOP base that the way to win their hearts is to say things that are unbelievably dumb. Needless to say, the Huckster also dives into the stupid end of the pool on the subject of marriage equality as well.

Apparently, Pinterest is for godless, hellbound heathens. Conservative Christians often create "Christian alternatives" to mainstream sites, warning that using the original version will somehow harm your family. It strikes me that this is less of real concern and more of a way to rationalize stealing an already successful idea. It's a con. I'm waiting for the Christian alternative to, where you can safely peruse people's work histories without being subjected to all that graphic porn people put in heathen resumes.

A conservative "rising star" compares Stephen Colbert's satire of rightwing blowhards to racist blackface acts -- because that's not unbelievably offensive and insensitive at all. It takes a conservative to make an offensive argument while playing a phony victim card. Again, these are not good people. And they wonder why people keep saying they're racists.

An incident where a nutjob threw a shoe at Hillary Clinton inspires a new conspiracy theory that's taking the right by storm -- "shoe trutherism."

A University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh professor reminds everyone that when it comes to jobs, Scott Walker has turned Wisconsin into a smoking crater.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office revised it's estimates and projected that the Affordable Care Act will cost even less than previously forecast -- by a significant amount. Like $100 billion less. This is bad news for Republicans, because good news for America is always bad news for Republicans.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's got himself some very serious legal trouble.

Finally, marriage equality gets a foot in the door in Ohio. A federal judge rules that the state has to recognize marriages performed in other states. It's not the full recognition of the right that comes with performing ceremonies in Ohio, but if past cases are any indication, it's the beginning of the end for inequality there.

[cartoon via McClatchy Newspapers]

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