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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stories to Watch: 4/15/14

Republicans are clawing their own eyes out in fake outrage over news that the Obama administration is adjusting census healthcare tracking. "They'[re trying to cover up what a trainwreck Obamacare has become!!!" the right is shrieking with ear-piercing hysteria. Sarah Kliff points out a big, big problem with this argument: "What's being missed here is that the Obama administration will use the new survey questions to collect data for 2013, the year prior to Obamacare's health insurance expansion," she writes. In other words, the Republican Outrage of the Day is the same as what every other Republican Outrage of the Day -- carefully packaged horseshit.

If Republicans were really interested in convincing people there is no War on Women, they'd actually wage war on women like Phyllis Schlafly, who inexplicably seems to despise her own gender.

The situation in Ukraine is rapidly deteriorating.

Florida Republican Rep. Ted Yoho tells an African-American constituent that he's not "100 percent" sure the Civil Rights Act is constitutional. I'm not 100 percent sure Ted Yoho has a functional frontal lobe.

This one's sure to generate an avalanche of victim cards: following an antisemitic mass shooting in Kansas, CNN crunches the numbers and finds that rightwing extremists have been more dangerous and deadly post-9/11 than Islamic jihadists. We told you so.

Finally, a few tax day facts from ThinkProgress.

[Cartoon via Truthdig]

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