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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Griper Blade: Dr. Laura Tells the Nation Her First Amendment Rights Have Been Taken

The First Amendment guarantees your right to say what's on your mind without government censorship, to practice the religion of your choosing -- or, like me, no religion at all -- and a nationally syndicated talk radio show that no one is allowed to comment on. It's right there in the Constitution. Look it up.

Of course, you won't actually find the part about no-feedback radio in the First Amendment, but I guess that's implied somehow. Ask Laura Schlessinger. After a fun little segment where she used the n-word 11 times and told a caller that she shouldn't marry outside her race, people got a little miffed. And it was then that her First Amendment right to a nationally syndicated radio show that no one can criticize was violated in a completely un-American way. So she's done. Freedom of speech in America is dead. She told Larry King that she's going into exile at the end of the year and, having been silenced by radical socialist media critics and people who think racists are awful, will publish a book that stands a good chance of spending time on someone's best-seller list. Because she has no First Amendment rights.


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