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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Stories to Watch: 10/2/10

Got other stuff going on today, so you get a shorty. Now here's the news...

Obama to the Senate: Hey, can we get some judges over here?

James O'Keefe's latest failed scam is too foul even for fellow BS artist Andrew Breitbart.

The "One Nation Working Together" rally in Washington goes along smoothly. No word on crowd size at this time. Live coverage is here.

Wow. Christine O'Donnell's father: Bozo the Clown. No, really. She also really, really likes meatballs.

It's a perplexing election year. A Newsweek poll finds that Democrats are trusted more than Republicans on nearly every issue.

McClatchy finds that Russ Feingold trails Ron Johnson among likely voters, 52% to 45%. RUSS!!

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