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Thursday, March 17, 2011

News Roundup for 3/17/11

Lucky the Leprechaun
Probably doesn't hate gays

-Headline of the day-
"Irish Minister Criticizes NYC St. Pat's Parade."

Who's more Irish than New York City? Boston and Ireland, that's who. And it was some Irish guy who was hating on the annual St. Patrick's Day parade in NYC yesterday.

According to the report, "Irish foreign minister Eamon Gilmore criticized the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade for its ban on LGBT groups, saying, 'Exclusion is not an Irish thing.'"

"What these parades are about is a celebration of Ireland and Irishness," he told the Irish-American outlet Irish Voice. "I think they need to celebrate Ireland as it is, not as people imagine it. Equality is very much the center of who we are in our identity in Ireland."

So less about the guy on the Lucky Charms box and more about actual Ireland. Got it. As a side note, there's absolutely no evidence that the guy on the Lucky Charms box hates gays either. (The Advocate)

-Cartoon time with Mark Fiore-
Hey kids, you wonder how the nuclear crisis in Japan is changing things here in America? Me too! Let's have a look and see. Yay!

Click for animation

OK, so it didn't change anything... (

-Bonus HotD-
"Maine GOP Gov. Paul LePage Stole Candy From Children, Wants To Undo Child Labor Laws."

Today's GOP, looking out for you. (ThinkProgress)
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