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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Stories to Watch: 9/6/11

Hey, how was your Labor Day? Mine involved bratwurst, so it was perfect. Now here's the news...

Boehner and Cantor want a pre-jobs-speech meeting with the president to "discuss potential areas of bipartisan agreement," according to Politico. To translate that from Republican into English, they want to make threats, whine, and throw tantrums.

Is Rick Perry using wildfires in Texas to dodge debates? It sure seems that way. I mean, there's no logistical reason that he has to be in the state, just as there's no reason he has to be at the sites of the fires themselves. It's not like he's out there on the line, pitching in. Although, after what he's done to the fire departments in Texas, they could probably use the help.

One reason Perry might not be eager to debate; he might be forced to answer questions about why his state has the worst numbers for health insurance coverage in the nation.

This is what happens when you give Republicans everything they demand. Knock it off, Mr. President.

David Brooks continues to suck, be ridiculous.

Ezra Klein talks economy, history, Republicans, stimulus, and "motivated skepticism." Long story short, Republicans are freakin' nuts.

Mittens Romney rolls out his own big jobs plan, ahead of President Obama's speech on the same subject. You already know what's in it; it's got "GOP economic mumbo-jumbo" written all over it.

Finally, Dick Cheney is a man who is absolutely flawless in his own mind. In an interview with Wolf Blitzer, Cheney refused to admit to any mistakes at all in his eight years as VP. You know what this means, right? Getting hammered and shooting Harry Whittington in the face? Dick meant to do that.
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