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Monday, December 19, 2011

Stories to Watch: 12/19/11

No roundup today and I doubt there will be one for the rest of the week. Holiday prep, combined with Walker recall work, leaves me a little squeezed for time and the roundup is nothing if not time consuming. On the plus side, I'm making a buttload of sourdough pancakes that I'll freeze and give away like Christmas cookies. This place smells awesome. I'm almost done with everyone's, then I'll make a batch for myself. Now here's the news...

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il's condition is downgraded to Kim Jong Dead.

CNN has a poll out showing that the Newt Gingrich fad is doing what fads do.

Stuff that makes your blood boil; after making a killing killing jobs, Mitt Romney still makes money off Bain Capital -- and probably pays a lower tax rate on it than you do.

Nate Silver says Ron Paul is actually leading in Iowa.

Massachusetts GOP Sen. Scott Brown -- already in a tough reelection battle against Elizabeth Warren -- is not happy with the way John Boehner totally screwed up the payroll tax cut extension.

On a related note, Tea Party Rep. Phil Gingrey is a clown.

And speaking of the Tea Party, remember how it's just crazy to suggest there's any racism among the 'baggers? Yeah, about that...

Rick Perry is embarrassed.

Finally, Sarah Palin is still in denial about the expiration date on her fifteen minutes of fame.

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