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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stories to Watch: 1/14/12

Not much happening today. No holidays, no recall petitioning. It's like normal life. Normal life is boring. Now here's the news...

Congressional support for SOPA begins to collapse. Things like this are probably a factor. Also, the White House announces their opposition to the legislation.

Krugman points out that Mittens' stump speech is a pack of lies. Steve Benen gets specific about it. Will the rest of the media follow suit? I doubt it. Seriously, why isn't "GOP candidate caught in a handful of lies" a headline?

GOP Rep. Steve Womack is a jackass.

Happy birthday Michelle Obama.

Here's a big surprise: Israel has been caught seriously undermining US diplomatic efforts with Iran. The short version; Mossad agents were posing as CIA to recruit terrorists to kill civilians in Iran. Iran vs. Israel can now officially be translated to "bad guys vs. bad guys." And Israel wonders why no one in the region is their friend -- I wonder why we still are.

Team Obama is throwing a small dollar donor fundraiser in Boston. Twenty bucks gets you in the door for a dance party. Somehow, this has become the worst thing ever. I guess if you're not dropping the big bucks for Mittens or Newt, you have no business participating in what we laughingly now call "democracy."

The "stop Mitt" coalition of 'baggers and religious nutjobs settles on Rick Santorum as their guy. Put another way, the Tea Party and evangelical leaders declare themselves completely irrelevant to the average GOP voter.

Finally, Mittens is a welfare queen.

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