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Friday, January 13, 2012

Stories to Watch: 1/13/12

We have snow. Finally. Now here's the news...

I've added "Bain Capital" to the Superfeed. I try to keep the topical slots to stories that have legs and Bain is definitely something that's not going away soon. So now the two topicals are Bain and the Wisconsin Recall. The recall ought to last until spring -- depending on how it turns out, perhaps even into the summer. If the recall is successful, the next administration's first steps will be worth paying attention to.

As expected, the Citizens United ruling has Super PACs trying to buy elections.

Tennessee state Rep. Richard Floyd is an awful, awful, awful excuse for a human being.

The "Stop Romney" contingent of evangelicals and Tea Party Republicans are having a little trouble getting their act together.

Mittens is not a trustworthy fellow.

Perry, Huntsman, Gingrich, and Santorum will all be off the Virginia ballot after a lawsuit they all joined failed. You know what Republicans usually call a suit that fails? A frivolous lawsuit.

Mitt's dog Seamus finally becomes a campaign issue -- and a faux childrens' book.

Finally, House Tea Party's transition from political powerhouse to collection of irrelevant nutjobs is very nearly complete.

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