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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stories to Watch: 1/15/12

Not much going on out there. There never really is on a Sunday. I guess I'll take a moment to explain a feature of the daily "Stories to Watch" post that I've never gotten around to explaining.

A lot of these links may seem to lack context, but if you hover your cursor over them, you'll get the headline to the piece it links to. So, if you see a link that says "So-and-so is a dick" and nothing else, hover the cursor to see why. Now here's the news...

Mittens -- by his own argument -- is a serial killer.

It's come to this; a climate scientist's wife is threatened by warming-denying cultists.

Mittens puts out an ad claiming that everyone's lying about him -- then lies about Obama in that same ad.

Steve Benen points out that the fight against SOPA is over -- at least, for this year -- and we've won. No, really.

Perhaps worse than being out-of-touch, Mitt's Bain history shows that he's untrustworthy.

That's it for the Wisconsin recall petitioning phase, now on to counting the signatures. Don't expect any dem candidates until we have an official count.

Finally, SOPA's demise makes Rupert Murdoch sad.

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