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Monday, January 30, 2012

Stories to Watch: 1/30/12

It's pot roast tonight, because I like pot roast. Now here's the news...

Mitt Romney wishes he could say he was Hispanic. That is, until he gets up here to Wisconsin, where he'll wish he could say he was Norwegian.

GOP voters continue to be unhappy with their primary candidates.

Juan Williams talks GOP dog whistle racism. Ed Kilgore wonders how long it'll be before he's fired from his fake-liberal gig at Fox.

Gingrich says he won't debate Obama if reporters act as moderators. So, if he gets the nomination, this probably means that A) he'll back off that pledge or B) he'll never debate Obama.

The sad oppression facing the modern-day hater.

Just a reminder: if you're a Republican voter or a dim-wattage pundit who's hoping another candidate will jump in the race, you're SOL.

Dems take the lead in a generic congressional ballot. It's only one point, but it's the right-skewed Rasmussen. The GOP's "make everything a freakin' crisis" strategy sure worked out great.

Newt gets sued for using Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger."

Finally, Rep. Allen West is still a jackass.

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