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Thursday, February 16, 2012

News Roundup for 2/16/12

Mitt Romney
About to unleash a shitstorm of biblical proportions

-Headline of the Day-
"Multiple New Polls Find Santorum Leading in Michigan."

One of the things that kind of freaks me out about Mitt Romney is that he seems to be from pretty much everywhere. He's from Mexico and Massachusetts and France and Utah and Rhode Island and, of course, Michigan. So what this means is that Mittens has a lot of "home states" to defend and, in the case of Michigan, that's not going very well.

According to the report, "Rick Santorum currently holds a solid lead in the upcoming Michigan primary according to four recent polls of the state. In the polls, the Santorum lead over Mitt Romney ranges from 3-10 points."

This is not good. Losing Michigan would be a huge embarrassment for Romney and some people are saying it's something he may not be able to recover from.

But the primary is not today. And that means that Romney's going to pull out his not-so secret weapon -- money in denominations you've never even heard of before. He's going to buy ads upon ads and ads about ads and ads announcing ads. Michiganders are in for an unprecedented fountain of bullshit.

In the end, I think Mittens probably will win Michigan, because it's not the most difficult job in the world to convince people that Santorum sucks -- especially if you put a big bazillion dollar bow on the argument. Still, Rick's getting a lot of money now too, so he just might be able to pull this off.

Regardless, if I were in Michigan, I'd board up my teevee. It's gonna be awful. (Firedoglake)

-The stuff that really matters-

She totally looks like she's going to vote GOP, doesn't she? (Truthdig)

-Bonus HotD-
"Our prediction: Obama will win re-election with 303 electoral votes to the GOP nominee’s 235."

Yahoo News predicts a solid Obama win, using a model they claim is historically 88% accurate.

I like those odds. (Yahoo! News)
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