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Monday, February 27, 2012

News Roundup for 2/27/12

Rush Limbaugh
Despised even by Republicans

-Headline of the Day-
"Rush Limbaugh: America’s Least Favorite News Personality."

People like to point out that Rush Limbaugh is the top-rated talk radio host in America. He's on 18 kajillion stations, he beats everyone's ratings, he's a freakin' monster. Here's what they don't like to point out; no one listens to talk radio, so none of that means squat. Rush is probably beaten in every single market by 20 year-old Journey songs. He's not a ratings monster, he's a ratings nobody. That's why they only compare him to other talk radio hosts -- it makes him a big fish in an artificially small pond. Put him out there in the ocean with everyone else and he's a guppy.

So it really shouldn't surprise anyone to learn that America's favorite talk-radio host is America's most hated talk-radio host. According to the report, "A new Harris Poll out today finds that conservative shock jock Rush Limbaugh is America’s 'least favorite' news personality, with 46 percent of respondents picking him for the dubious honor. Runners-up Bill O’Reilly and Nancy Grace come in a distant second and third, at 31 percent and 23 percent, respectively." Oh yeah, Bill O'Reilly, too. Another big fish in a shot glass who regularly gets whomped by reruns of Seinfeld, but manages to brag about his ratings anyway. And Nancy Grace? Nice choice. I'm not a big fan of legal shows where everyone is always assumed to be guilty. She's a mean, hatchet-faced devilwoman.

Who are our favorite news personalities? It's those damned, hated lamestream media types; Diane Sawyer, Anderson Cooper, and Brian Williams. None of these people are on Fox -- how could they possibly be so beloved?

But according to Harris, only "one person is in the least liked top three for all three political parties" [Democrat, Republican, and Independent] -- Limbaugh. Even Republicans hate him. (ThinkProgress)

-Oh sure, you laugh now...-

Rick Santorum Comic
Click for full comic

...but tomorrow it'll by in the New York Times. (

-Bonus HotD-
"Rep. Issa Concedes His All-Male Anti-Contraception Hearing Was Not ‘My Greatest Success.’"

Democrats are probably still writing him thank you notes for that one. (ThinkProgress)
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