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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stories to Watch: 2/11/12

I think I'm heading over to Milwaukee today. It's cold as hell and where am I headed? A city on the shore of a giant freakin' lake. I'm thinking it'll be fun anyway. Now here's the news...

The GOP's shift to culture war wedge issues will do them more harm than good. Jesse Singal argues that, when faced with a big steaming simplistic issue, Republicans can't help themselves. I think there's more to it than that; with the economy improving, what else do they have?

Meanwhile, faced with the culture war issue of the moment, Republicans decide dial the crazy up to eleven.

Also in the same category; a group of Catholic Bishops prove that the contraception brouhaha wasn't about "religious liberty," but about keeping as many people off contraception as possible, regardless of their religious affiliation.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker pleads with birthers, racists, and general nutjobs at CPAC for the money it will take to save him from recall.

The Romney campaign expends way too much energy fighting a satirical Pinterest account.

Even a Fox News poll shows that birth control coverage is really popular.

Anonymous takes down the CIA's website again.

Finally, Intrade's "investors" see Obama's reelection as pretty much a done deal.

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