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Friday, February 10, 2012

Stories to Watch: 2/10/12

I was hoping to get something done today, but I suffered a setback. It won't happen until next week. So all weekend, I'll keep thinking there's something I need to get done, because I'm like that. Now here's the news...

Occupy CPAC!

Also from CPAC; wingnuts think swing voters are just as crazy as they are.

Rick Santorum is dumb.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker comes damned close to committing theft.

Now that the Obama administration has announced a compromise on contraceptive coverage and religious organizations, Santorum jumps the shark on the issue: No contraceptive coverage for anyone!

House Republicans predicably have decided to be assholes about the Obama compromise, while Democrats see this as playing to their advantage. Republicans = the "no birth control" party.

Cable news reinforces what I already believe -- it sucks.

Finally, Rick Santorum takes the lead in polling and I just couldn't be happier.

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