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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stories to Watch: 2/12/12

I saw the Occupy Milwaukee site yesterday. A big teepee in an otherwise vacant lot. You never hear about the Occupy sites that aren't raided. Now here's the news...

RIP Whitney Houston. She was dealt a royal flush at the beginning of the game -- movie star glamor and a five-octave range. How could it have all gone so wrong?

The ultra-conservative CPAC straw poll winner is Mitt Romney... Wait, what? This seems pretty unlikely to me. Rick Santorum says the votes were bought and paid for, which is a pretty sensational charge -- but then again, Rick really is a much, much better fit for the gay/Muslim/women-hatin'-racist-birther-Tea-Partyin'-scared-to-death-of-everything nutjobs at the Conservative Political Action Conference. You really do have to wonder if maybe Santorum's not right. Not that it matters much -- the CPAC winner is like the Iowa straw poll winner. Nobody cares.

Romney also wins Maine. But it's close enough that Ron Paul, who came in second, isn't conceding. Instead, there are fairly convincing allegations of dirty tricks. Combine this with Santorum's CPAC allegations and Mittens seems to be expending a lot of energy on things that either don't or barely matter. I'm thinking he might be a little desperate for positive headlines.

Just in time for Darwin Day: climate deniers team up with creationists in a campaign to get American schools to produce the dumbest goddam kids in the world. When you have common cause with the talking-snake-and-magic-apple crowd, it's a pretty good sign that the "science" behind your position is ridiculous.

Fox cancels former Judge Andrew Napolitano's show -- presumably because he spent too much time reporting on reality.

68% of Europe's new generating capacity comes from clean energy.

Finally, the New York Times reveals that many Tea Party types are hypocrites. Imagine how shocked I'm not.

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