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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Stories to Watch: 2/4/12

It's a lovely April day here in Madison. It's February, you say? Tell it to the climate. Now here's the news...

Was the Komen/Planned Parenthood debacle the result of wingnuts believing their own BS talking points?

Newt Gingrich thinks you're really mad about Manhattan elites who "ride the subway" and write for "fancy newspapers." Gawker has a great video collection of the hoity-toity riders of the absolutely opulent NYC transit system. Watch out fancypants, we're on to you!

Also in Noodles news, is Gingrich out after Nevada? An email sent around to reporters schedules a post-Nevada press conference from 11pm to midnight. Gingrich is expected to lose badly in Nevada and people don't generally schedule their concession speeches. Believe it or not, this is probably not good news for Mittens.

Yet another birther case goes down in flames.

'Baggers really are hopelessly insane.

The swing state of New Hampshire swings strongly toward Obama.

Finally, after a brutal massacre in the city of Homs, President Obama demands that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad step down.

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