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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Stories to Watch: 2/7/12

Once again, nothing much to say about what's happening around here. Pretty boring today. Now here's the news...

California's Prop. 8 banning marriage equality is ruled unconstitutional, so Mittens and Noodles shriek, "Judicial activism!" National Review's Maggie Gallagher surprises no one by playing the victim card. Expect more big piles of stupid from the right in coming days.

Another poll shows Romney slipping, with Obama opening up a lead. Meanwhile, Rick Santorum may enjoy a good night in the GOP primary fight.

One of those possible wins would be meaningless, however, as the Missouri GOP can't get their act together.

Meanwhile, Mittens says the contests tonight aren't all that important and he probably won't win, so please media, pay them no never mind.

This could turn out to be marvelously entertaining: Occupy CPAC! What happens when a bunch of protesters disrupt a gathering of paranoid sociopaths barely tethered to reality? Let's watch and see.

America acquires Extreme Marshmallow Cannon technology. Our enemies tremble.

A former aide to embattled Wisconsin Gov. Walker pleads guilty to campaigning on the public's time.

Finally, Alabama Republicans try to deal with the aftermath of their own disastrous anti-immigration law.

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