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Friday, March 16, 2012

Stories to Watch: 3/16/12

Grilled again. Ribs this time. And that's why the headlines are late. Now here's the news...

Could the push by the nonpartisan American Elect group to get on ballots nationwide help Republicans avoid being primaried by Tea Party nuts? That help may come too late.

The demographic groups Obama needs most are also the most optimistic about the economy.

Remember the Obama administration stopped using the phrase "War on Terror?" Remember how that was the worst thing ever? Yeah, about that...

Meanwhile, the War on Women takes to the airwaves; not a single female guest on any of this week's Sunday news shows. This after a week when so many issues pertaining to women have been so high profile.

Also in news from the WoW front; women return fire.

The person behind the Kony 2012 video seems to be a very, very strange individual. But wait, there's more.

Rush Limbaugh joins Twitter. This may not turn out well.

Bin Laden's plot to kill Obama panned out pretty badly, considering who's alive and who's dead these days.

Finally, what do laws designed to shame women seeking abortions look like in practice? Like this.

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