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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stories to Watch: 3/17/12

Happy St. Pat's! May the wind always be at your back, may your ears only hear kind words, may eyes see only beauty... may we finally get past all this sentimental horsecrap and drink some damned beer? Now here's the news...

Imagine if phone companies suddenly took it upon themselves (under pressure from the White House) to listen in on phone calls and make sure you're not selling drugs. Would you be cool with that? If not, you probably won't be cool with this. The march toward a surveillance society goes on.

A redditor consumes only rightwing news sources for a week. Read the depressing, but unsurprising, conclusions drawn from that experience. Long story short, avoid conservative news like the plague, because it will make you stupid.

Is the weather unseasonably nice where you are? Yeah, there's a reason for that.

Trayvon Martin died begging for his life.

David Brooks wrote something stupid again.

How many listeners does Rush Limbaugh actually have? It's hard to say with any certainty, but it may be fewer than you're told.

Finally, Wisconsin's voter ID law takes a major blow as a judge refuses to stay an injunction. We're going to kill this thing yet.

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