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Monday, March 05, 2012

Stories to Watch: 3/5/12

Pretty dull Monday here. Nothing much to report. Now here's the news...

Sooner or later, we're going to get the media to report that Limbaugh's underlying argument in the Fluke controversy -- that women are demanding "taxpayer-funded" contraceptives -- is a lie.

In the face of rising gas prices, 70 Democrats call for a remedy that would actually do something about it.

A radio station in Hawaii drops Limbaugh over his slut-shaming. Meanwhile, a petition calls for Armed Forces radio to follow suit. Your tax dollars may not actually be going to buy college "sluts" contraceptives, but it is going to Rush Limbaugh. Time to turn off that tap.

As of this writing, advertisers dropping Limbaugh have increased to 12. Meanwhile, Limbaugh himself doesn't know what to shut the fuck up and stop making things worse.

Here's a surprise: Mitt Romney's tax policies would be really good for some guy named "Willard 'Mitt' Romney."

The big winners in the GOP primary so far? Democrats.

The first installment of Andrew Breitbart's last big scoop turns out to be a big old heap o'nuthin'.

Right as he is, Don Imus is probably the very last person who should be talking smack about Rush Limbaugh.

Finally, Romney may put Santorum 2012 to bed in Ohio. Never would've guessed it a week ago.

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