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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Stories to Watch: 5/1/12

I finally relocated the ferns I wanted to get to last week. We'll see how they do. Now here's the news...

It's International Workers Day, but in true conservative fashion, the right is trying to conflate labor and communism by pushing for the day to be named the "Victims of Communism Day." Let's just forget about the Gdańsk shipbuilders' union that began the Soviet Union's decline, OK? Remembering labor as a force for freedom isn't politically correct.

Chris Christie comes to Wisconsin to try to save Scott Walker's ass. He asks Wisconsin voters a peculiar question: "America is going to find out the answer to what is more powerful; the money or the special interests from Washington, D.C.?" Which are you saying Walker represents? Because they both sound bad.

The anarchist "black bloc" continue to fuck things up for legit protesters. Twice.

Speaking of anarchists, the right is having a field day over this, but wouldn't "we hate government" anarchists be their guys?

Healthcare reform opponent Sen. Scott Brown is a hypocrite.

Pres. Obama sneaks out of Washington to visit troops in Afghanistan and sign a strategic partnership agreement with Afghanistan. Somehow, this becomes the worst thing ever.

For the eight billionth time, neither Mitt Romney nor any other Republican would've sent Navy Seals into Pakistan to kill Bin Laden. In fact, they wouldn't shut up about how they'd never do that.

Finally, the National Review is finally open about their bigotry.
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