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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stories to Watch: 5/16/12

Any pretense to democracy in the Republican primaries just died.

People think Mike Huckabee's a nice guy. People are wrong.

Kucinich is done for this cycle.

Shareholders sue JPMorgan.

House Republicans waste everyone's time by passing their doomed "Go Ahead and Slap Around Lesbians and Immigrants" act.

George W. Bush will publish a book on how to build an awesome economy. No, you read that right.

A phone interview with Howard Dean ends unexpectedly.

Mitt Romney's pretty sure people will buy the argument that Bain Capital created jobs. Now, if he could just decide how many he wants to pretend it created...

A new poll shows Obama and Romney in a dead heat in Wisconsin -- illustrating what a super-great idea it would be for the DNC to let the grassroots recall network wither on the vine.

Finally, Mittens gets expert advice on how to act like a human.
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