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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stories to Watch: 5/17/12

The right wing's short attention span chokes George Zimmerman's defense fund's donations down to a trickle.

Republicans are about to give up on an alternative healthcare fix. Now it's just repeal Obamacare -- no "replace" -- and screw you and your rapidly escalating healthcare costs. You're on your own, suckers.

The good and the bad of trade protectionism against cheap Chinese solar cells. The Chinese government's subsidizing the cells to keep the price low -- shouldn't we be doing the same? Beats throwing hundreds of millions at an oil industry that doesn't need it.

Unless something is done about it, the spiraling cost of higher education will create a permanent underclass. Meanwhile, Senate Republicans vote to let interest rates on student loans double. Sounds like a permanent underclass is just what they're looking for.

Louisiana Republicans open two fronts in their War on Women.

Ben Stein wishes that President Obama were as smart as Nixon. I liked Stein a lot better as a game show host.

Breitbart's zombie site runs a big exclusive, blockbuster of a birther story. Unfortunately, the source they rely on says it's bullshit. Zombie Breitbart offers no retraction or correction.

After a Facebook big renounces his US citizenship to skip out on his taxes, dem Senators introduce an "Ex-Patriot Act" to crack down on such tax dodging. More disturbing than Eduardo Saverin's scheme to skip out on his bill is the right's proclaiming of this anti-American tax dodger to be a freakin' hero. When it's other people's lives at stake, they're the first to shriek, "Freedom isn't free!" But when it's their money on the line, freedom should totally be free.

RIP Donna Summer.

Finally, how do you falsely play the victim card and engage in flabbergasting hypocrisy? Ask Mitt Romney.
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