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Monday, May 21, 2012

Stories to Watch: 5/21/12

The Cory Booker non-story, explained concisely.

Limbaugh's ratings post-slut comment were not so hot.

State of Hawaii to Arizona's birther Secretary of State: We are so tired of this bullshit. The email exchange behind all of this is well worth your time.

Facebook's shares aren't doing so well.

The conservative media start a race war. Luckily, it exists only in their imaginations. Bonus fun: Ed Kilgore on how incoherent and insane the whole thing is.

Obama says he's not letting up on Romney's Bain past.

Paul Ryan's stopped trying to make any damned sense at all.

Me talk like conservatives now.

Are squirrels possessed by gay demons?

Just a reminder; rightwing "historian" David Barton sells the purest horseshit known to man.

Finally, if the current escalation in numbers is any indication, by the time November rolls around, Mittens will be claiming to have created about a trillion jobs -- give or take a billion.
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