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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Was the aircraft in Feinstein’s drone story actually a drone at all?

The Wire - Was the Drone that Feinstein Encountered at Her House This Tiny Pink Helicopter?
The Wire: The Wire spoke by phone with Feinstein’s spokesman Brian Weiss, who confirmed that the incident happened at the senator’s house in San Francisco several months ago. At about the time, it seems, that Code Pink showed up to protest Feinstein’s support for the NSA.

On June 15, the anti-war group held a protest focused on Feinstein, which included activists in disguises and, yes, two remote-controlled helicopters, which might creatively be described as drones…
Steve Rhodes, who took [photos of the event], confirmed to The Wire that the helicopters flying around outside Feinstein’s home didn’t have any cameras, so they weren’t “looking in” anywhere.
If this is the incident that Feinstein was talking about, then the irony overwhelming. The little helicopters were no doubt meant to represent eye-in-the-sky drones that the NSA may or may not be (but probably are) using to spy on US citizens — and Feinstein supports the NSA’s domestic surveillance.

So, govenrment drones spying on Americans are cool. But pretend government drones not really spying on anyone? The worst thing ever!

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